TLC for Healthy, Smooth, Soft Summer Skin!

TLC for Healthy, Smooth, Soft Summer Skin!

Skin is your best fashion accessory during this hazy, humid, hot summer weather. Skimpy tees, sun dresses, shorts, mini’s and sandals all expose more skin in one outfit than most of us have exposed all year! Guys keep it cool with everything from short sleeve dress shirts and sockless shoes to tanks and shorts. Even feet and toes are set free …(but that’s a whole other blog, stay tuned.)

But to keep your skin looking great all summer long, you’ve got to provide it with a little TLC.

T: Take the ‘touch’ test by lightly running your hands over your shoulders and upper back, the backs of your arms, the backs of your thighs, legs and over your feet. These out-of-sight areas could be unsightly to others. Check for bumps, rough or scaly skin.

(If a mole, unusual growth or raised lesion is tender or painful to the touch, check in a mirror for discoloration… and if the condition persists, see your dermatologist.)

L: Layer a film of dermHA’s lactic acid exfoliating gel on rough, scaly areas. The leave on gel helps to gently lift dead cells and smooth skin on elbows, knees and feet. It also unroofs and lightens blemishes on the shoulders, chest and back to reveal a softer, smoother, clearer skin.

C: Cleanse your skin morning and especially at night to remove dirt and grime as well as dead cells, sweat and oils that are naturally excreted every day.

Calm, cover and clothe sun stressed skin with a light film of dermHA’s therapeutic crème–loaded with moisture soaked hyaluronic acid to keep skin soft and smooth, plus arnica, aloe and calendula to calm and help heal damage caused by the sun.

Start now to keep skin touch-ably soft and healthy all summer long. If you have questions for special skin issues, call 877-933-7642 for a complimentary consultation.

Stay Beautiful,

Always remember to use sunscreen on any area of the body that is exposed to direct sun. Reapply as necessary, especially on the face, earlobes, shoulders, arms back and chest.

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