Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

dermHA loves to share thoughts and comments about beauty and its impact on our lives.  Please take a moment to hear GG Renee’s musing on the ‘Power of Pretty’.


“Almost always it is the fear of being ourselves that brings us to the mirror….”

I’ve never liked my toes or my knees…I have my reasons. My arms and hands are so long that my fingertips are ridiculously close to reaching my knees when I stand with my hands at my sides. My forehead selfishly stole a good inch from my scalp that it really didn’t need. I’m in my thirties, but I still have acne-prone skin. And somewhere inside there is still a 13 year old, insecure girl who wants bigger breasts, clearer skin and smaller feet. This girl in me wills me to compare and contrast myself to other girls and wonder what it feels like to have all the physical qualities that I have told myself will make me feel more desirable. I know this girl very well. We go way back.
I have recently acquainted myself with a newer part of me that is spreading a different attitude and becoming the Girl to Watch among all the little girls that make up the woman that is me. Word on the street is that nobody can do what I do quite the way I do it. My long body, sensitive skin and big head are mine to love and carry with grace. I’m finally believing the idea that there is no benchmark for beauty and that how I feel about myself determines how I look. It’s my business to feel good on my own terms without apology or fear of judgment. This is the hottest trend , the fashion must-have, the magical beauty secret of all fabulous women: Believe you are beautiful and beautiful you will be.

Let’s not make it more difficult than it needs to be! Who is the fairest of them all? The one whose mirror reflects self-love, self-awareness and the boldness to live out loud.

GG Renee

GG Renee loves to write and advocate for the success and emotional well-being of the modern woman. She infuses the concepts of self-love and personal development into everything she creates. Based in the Washington DC area, she does relationship management for a financial services company by day; while her free time is spent studying the complexities of love and life. She is a peace warrior, a dancing queen, and a scribe hopelessly devoted to personal freedom. GG is one half of the duo behind the happiness blog, Peace Love and Pretty Things. She also shares her personal journey of transformation on her blog, The Write Curl Diary.

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