It All Starts With The Heart

February is “Heart Month.”  You’ll hear a lot of information on how crucial it is to stay heart healthy.  Look

TLC for Healthy, Smooth, Soft Summer Skin

Skin is your biggest fashion accessory during the hot, humid summer weather.  Skimpy tees, sun dresses, shorts, mini’s, swimsuits and

Summer  Skin Tips for Teens!

Teens are living breathing ‘transformers’… hair sprouts in strange places, voices change, and they begin to see the world through


Guest Blog by Cheryl Ann Wadlington, Style Director at Evoluer Image Consultants Whether we want to admit it or not,

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Keeping Teen Skin Beautiful

At a time when fitting in becomes really important to tweens and teens, puberty rears its unpredictable head and causes all kinds of skin care challenge.  Pimples, blackheads, pustules and cysts can cause insecurity, low self-esteem and a tendency for teens to isolate themselves. The emotional scars–we know how cruel children can be–as well as the physical scars and disfigurement resulting from untreated acne or blemishes- can last a lifetime.  Teaching skin care at an early age to both girls and boys can save lots of stress for them and save lots of money for you. Selecting the right product for your teen is crucial. Products that are too harsh can overly irritate skin and do just as much damage as the acne. Products that are too heavy can plug pores and cause blockages that lead to more breakout. Diet plays an important part in skin care too. You really are what you eat and rising teen obesity is a big reminder of “Junk in-Junk out.” Constantly eating double fries, soda and brownies will probably show up the face as well as on hips and waistline. Did you know that the skin is an organ of elimination and it’s sometimes called the third kidney. It breathes oxygen and excretes sweat, oils and wastes from the body. During adolescence with increased hormone activity, there’s an overload of wastes, especially if a teen’s diet includes lots of sweets, pastries, fast foods, fried food, sodas , etc. Teens are living breathing ‘transformers’ and as their body goes through physical changes their emotions are going through ups and downs. To help their transformation be fun instead of traumatic, I suggest preparing a small arsenal of products to help them navigate through these transitional years. Teen Skin Care Must Haves: A gentle, water based, non-oily cleanser (use when skin is dry, irritated or normally clear)- like dermHA’s Gentle Face and Body Wash. An exfoliating cleanser with alpha hydroxyl acids (for oily thick skin or with frequent breakouts) like dermHA’s Rejuvenating Cleanser. An acne cleanser with alpha hydroxyl acids and salicylic acid /or benzyl peroxide (for consistant acne breakouts with pustules and blackheads) like dermHA’s Acne Skin Cleanser. A non-alcoholic tonic with witch hazel an zinc (to use when needed with the gentle cleanser) like dermHA’s Rejuvenating Tonic. A water based moisturizer, like dermHA’s Therapeutic Crème or Therapy Plus, to use daily after cleansing. An enzyme and/or creme mask, like dermHA’s Enzyme Mask or dermHA’s Crème Mask with tamanu, to help refuine pores and calm acne irritations. A small bottle of pure tea tree oil from (after cleansing face, apply with a Q-tip directly onto blemishes, blackheads and pustules). Tea tree oils, like dermHA Tea Tree Oil, kills bacteria. (You can also purchase pure tea tree oil that’s pesticide free at a reputable health food store.) Acne can also be a result of abnormal hormone production and you may need to see a dermatologist if cysts or pustules increase and become painful. In our next blog entry, we’ll talk about habits that can increase acne flare-ups. For more information or to find out the best dermHA products for you or your teen, call one of our licensed aestheticians at 1-877-933-7642. We can talk to you about how to better care for your skin on a daily basis. Stay Beautiful,Millie

Nurturing Your Skin Through the Changing Seasons

You’ll find major changes in your skin as the seasons change. Where sun-kissed skin looks tanned, toned and terrific, as cooler weather approaches, skin can become dry, flaky, rough to the touch and discolored. Fall marks the start of nature’s renewal system. Like Autumn leaves, summer skin dries, loses moisture and its luster and needs to be removed. Oil and sweat glands that were overly active in summer’s heat slow, so oils solidify and block pores, especially in the T-zone. If you don’t have a trusted esthetician or skin care specialist to treat your skin professionally, you can manage by adding a couple of key products to your skin care regimen. If your skin is dehydrated/mature: Use gentle cleansers and add Vitamin C(known to help reverse sun-damage) and/or a retinol to your routine. A moisturizer rich in water soaked hyaluronic acid plus anti-oxidants like green tea, grapeseed extract, olive extract, vitamins and soothing botanicals will help protect cells and nurture new cells. If you have oily/dry skin: Start using a gentle cleanser in the AM and exfoliating cleanser PM for deep cleansing. Start using a mild exfolient like lactic acid, to remove dead surface cells 3 times a week and more if needed to help loosen clogged pores and smooth surface skin. Use your water based moisturizer AM and PM to keep skin hydrated. For acne/oily skin: Oily skin needs special care because as the weather cools, skin gets dehydrated and dead cells accumulate even more around pores. Oil can’t escape and solidifies causing plugs that combined with bacteria (which is found all over our body)cause blackheads, pustules and sometimes cysts. Drying out the oils in your skin with harsh over the counter products will further irritate the condition. Use a moisture balanced acne cleanser that contains 2% salicylic acid and AHA’s. The salicylic will help kill bacteria while working with the alpha hydroxyl acids to remove the surface cells and unplug pores. If skin is not inflamed, add a topical exfolient or retin A daily to further exfoliate surface cells. A water based moisturizer will actually help suppress oil production and keep skin moisture balanced. Look for a water based moisturizer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, calendula, arnica, and tamanu to help soothe and heal skin while keeping it hydrated and healthy looking. Start now to get your skin looking flawless and fabulous before the start of the winter holidays. For more assistance or recommendations for dermHA products to meet your skin care needs, call: 1.877.9dermHA Stay beautiful,Millie

Do you have trouble with dry or cracked lips?  It’s a complaint that we have heard often at dermHA, a skin care problem that affects everyone at one time or another. It’s important to know that lip skin is very different from other skin becau…

Skin is your best fashion accessory during this hazy, humid, hot summer weather. Skimpy tees, sun dresses, shorts, mini’s and sandals all expose more skin in one outfit than most of us have exposed all year! Guys keep it cool with everything from short sleeve dress shirts and sockless shoes to tanks and shorts. Even feet and toes are set free …(but that’s a whole other blog, stay tuned.) But to keep your skin looking great all summer long, you’ve got to provide it with a little TLC. T: Take the ‘touch’ test by lightly running your hands over your shoulders and upper back, the backs of your arms, the backs of your thighs, legs and over your feet. These out-of-sight areas could be unsightly to others. Check for bumps, rough or scaly skin. (If a mole, unusual growth or raised lesion is tender or painful to the touch, check in a mirror for discoloration… and if the condition persists, see your dermatologist.) L: Layer a film of dermHA’s lactic acid exfoliating gel on rough, scaly areas. The leave on gel helps to gently lift dead cells and smooth skin on elbows, knees and feet. It also unroofs and lightens blemishes on the shoulders, chest and back to reveal a softer, smoother, clearer skin. C: Cleanse your skin morning and especially at night to remove dirt and grime as well as dead cells, sweat and oils that are naturally excreted every day. Calm, cover and clothe sun stressed skin with a light film of dermHA’s therapeutic crème–loaded with moisture soaked hyaluronic acid to keep skin soft and smooth, plus arnica, aloe and calendula to calm and help heal damage caused by the sun. Start now to keep skin touch-ably soft and healthy all summer long. If you have questions for special skin issues, call 877-933-7642 for a complimentary consultation. Stay Beautiful,Millie Always remember to use sunscreen on any area of the body that is exposed to direct sun. Reapply as necessary, especially on the face, earlobes, shoulders, arms back and chest.

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