Nurturing Your Skin Through the Changing Seasons

Nurturing Your Skin Through the Changing Seasons

You’ll find major changes in your skin as the seasons change. Where sun-kissed skin looks tanned, toned and terrific, as cooler weather approaches, skin can become dry, flaky, rough to the touch and discolored.
Fall marks the start of nature’s renewal system. Like Autumn leaves, summer skin dries, loses moisture and its luster and needs to be removed. Oil and sweat glands that were overly active in summer’s heat slow, so oils solidify and block pores, especially in the T-zone. If you don’t have a trusted esthetician or skin care specialist to treat your skin professionally, you can manage by adding a couple of key products to your skin care regimen.

If your skin is dehydrated/mature:

Use gentle cleansers and add Vitamin C(known to help reverse sun-damage) and/or a retinol to your routine. A moisturizer rich in water soaked hyaluronic acid plus anti-oxidants like green tea, grapeseed extract, olive extract, vitamins and soothing botanicals will help protect cells and nurture new cells.

If you have oily/dry skin:

Start using a gentle cleanser in the AM and exfoliating cleanser PM for deep cleansing. Start using a mild exfolient like lactic acid, to remove dead surface cells 3 times a week and more if needed to help loosen clogged pores and smooth surface skin. Use your water based moisturizer AM and PM to keep skin hydrated.

For acne/oily skin:

Oily skin needs special care because as the weather cools, skin gets dehydrated and dead cells accumulate even more around pores. Oil can’t escape and solidifies causing plugs that combined with bacteria (which is found all over our body)cause blackheads, pustules and sometimes cysts. Drying out the oils in your skin with harsh over the counter products will further irritate the condition. Use a moisture balanced acne cleanser that contains 2% salicylic acid and AHA’s. The salicylic will help kill bacteria while working with the alpha hydroxyl acids to remove the surface cells and unplug pores.

If skin is not inflamed, add a topical exfolient or retin A daily to further exfoliate surface cells. A water based moisturizer will actually help suppress oil production and keep skin moisture balanced. Look for a water based moisturizer with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, calendula, arnica, and tamanu to help soothe and heal skin while keeping it hydrated and healthy looking.

Start now to get your skin looking flawless and fabulous before the start of the winter holidays. For more assistance or recommendations for dermHA products to meet your skin care needs, call: 1.877.9dermHA

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