Tips for a Glowing Holiday Complexion

Tips for a Glowing Holiday Complexion

It’s the holiday season, and the soirees are aplenty. Here, dermHA provides our tips and tricks to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best when you step out on the town this year. 

Challenge One: Your big party is tonight, but your makeup looks flakey and your blush is blotchy. 

The solution here is to remove all of your makeup (avoiding eyes) by gently cleansing and rinsing. Apply a 10-minute enzyme mask to loosen dead cells, rehydrate and smooth skin. Remove the mask, moisturize, reapply makeup and you’re good to glow!

dermHA's Hyaluronic Therapeutic Creme

dermHA’s Hyaluronic Therapeutic Creme

Challenge Two: Your face feels tight and itchy. 

Most likely this is due to the harsh winter cold and dry indoor heat, which traditionally causes these problems. If you rotate your exfoliating cleanser with a gentle cleanser several times per week and splash your face with cool water after cleansing, there shouldn’t be residue left on your skin. Already use a gentle cleanser? Use it at night. In the morning, massage and rinse your face with cool water only and apply your moisturizer and sunscreen.

Challenge Three: My oily skin feels fine in the morning, but is dry and flakey by the end of the day. 

You want to give your skin the extra moisture that it needs by adding a thin film of hyaluronic serum under your regular moisturizer for added hydration without the oils or emollients (use it alone as your night treatment too). Hyaluronic helps to suppress the excess oil production while keeping skin soft and glowing.

Challenge Four: I forgot to take my makeup off at night. 

Removing your makeup daily is a must for achieving and maintaining flawless skin. As soon as you’re home for the evening from work or school, cleanse and hydrate your face. After workouts, rinse off sweat and oils or cleanse lightly until you get home. Periodic exfoliations can also help, give our Gentle Exfoliating Treatment a try once or twice per week.


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