AGELESS BEAUTY: Behind the Scenes with Millie

AGELESS BEAUTY: Behind the Scenes with Millie

Mildred Bell, Founder of dermHA

dermHA Founder and Co-Owner Mildred Bell knows that beautiful skin is a constant work in progress and is diligent about her skin care routine and habits. Read on to hear Millie’s skin care challenges and how she conquers them to remain an ageless beauty…

“My skin care challenges change a little with the seasons and as I get older they seem to magnify. My skin has always been sensitive to the cold and the heat. Winter weather packs a double whammy as I go from the frigid cold to high heat in my car and home. Luckily, my regimen of gentle cleansing and super hydrating keeps my skin glowing!

In winter months, I cleanse my face daily with dermHA’s Cleansing Lotion. Although you need water to activate the lotion, it doesn’t lather. But that doesn’t keep if from gently and effectively cleaning off make-up, dirt and oils. I combine a pea sized amount of cleanser with a little water and massage it over my face in circular motions. In addition to cleansing, this stimulates circulation and helps with lymph drainage. After cleansing I rinse with cool water and then take a damp cotton pad or clean, wet washcloth and wipe away the residue. If I’ve used heavier make-up that day, I sometimes follow my cleansing with a cotton ball dampened with dermHA’s Rejuvenating Tonic to make sure all traces of makeup are removed.

My night time cleansing is followed by a thin application of the dermHA Vitamin C Therapy all over my face and neck. I then apply a dot of dermHA Eye & Neck Creme from the outside area of each eye inward, being careful not to get it too close to my lower lash line. I also massage the Eye & Neck Creme onto my neck and I apply a dot on my lips as well to keep them soft and lubricated. A quick application of our luscious Moisture Creme Plus all over my face tops off my nightly routine to keep my face glowing.

In the morning, my mature skin lacks oil as well as moisture. In order to keep those precious natural lipids from being washed away during the winter, I often skip my morning cleanser and just rinse my face several times with cool water. After blotting dry, I reapply my Eye and Neck creme and my luscious Moisture Creme Plus. After waiting two minutes, I apply my sunscreen and makeup and I’m ready to start my day.

Because cellular turnover slows as you age, I occasionally use the dermHA Lactic Acid Exfoliating Gel to speed the removal of dead surface cells. And once a week, every week, I use the dermHA Enzyme Mask to nurture and polish my skin.

I know that it is important to take care of not just the skin on my face, but my whole body. dermHA’s Hand Creme is a staple in my glove compartment, desk drawer at work and my purse. After every bath or shower, while my skin is still damp, I quickly massage the dermHA Therapeutic Creme all over my body. A moist body allows a small amount of the creme to liquefy and glide smoothly over the body, quickly absorbing into the skin. Because feet (and elbows and knees) can become especially rough and/or dry, before popping into bed, I apply an extra coat of the Therapeutic Creme to keep my feet silky soft.

Taking the time to nurture my skin each day is a must, and I challenge you to take that time for yourself!”

Stay beautiful,


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