Thanksgiving Tips for Beautiful Skin

Thanksgiving Tips for Beautiful Skin

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your feast, we certainly will, but keep in mind that rich creamy sauces, candied foods, breads, stuffing and decadent deserts overwork your digestive system. When digestion and elimination are sluggish and backed up, it can wreak havoc with your skin. Dark circles and puffiness appear under eyes, pores work extra hard to eliminate excessive wastes along with sweat and oil and to top it all off, your energy can plummet!

Start each morning with a big glass of water spiked with lemon to help cleanse your system. Walk at least 30 minutes a day to keep things moving, and cleanse your face AM and PM to keep pore congestion to a minimum. Remember, the holiday season just started, there are lots of pictures still to be taken and posted, be smart and pace yourself.

Stay beautiful,


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