Beauty’s Batting Eyes: Jeta’s take on the Power of Pretty

Beauty’s Batting Eyes: Jeta’s take on the Power of Pretty

“When you look good, you feel good” is what they say. I can’t answer who they are but it is a true statement. A new pair of shoes, favorite eyeliner, or even a successful day at the gym can generate a certain happiness that shines a little brighter. Although beauty starts within, we all take time to enhance our exterior on a daily basis. As I sit and write, I have an avocado mask on my hair to promote health and growth. While waiting, I plucked a couple of incoming brow hairs to keep my arch looking good! Each of us has things we like to do to stay beautiful.
My mother has always stressed the importance of a polished appearance when in public. It affects how people treat you and, in essence, affects the end result of what you may want to accomplish in a day. I see a drastic change in how I’m treated the days I noticeably leave the house in a hurry versus those in which I take time to put together a decent “look”. People by nature categorize others according to their shells. One day I could be perceived as polite and intelligent. The next I could be thought of as ignorant and ill-mannered, all without saying a word. For this reason, many of us consciously or subconsciously get prettied up for onlookers. Now that’s power.

Most of us, self-included, ensure that every angle is perfect if we know we will see a certain someone (this is where my dermHA products come in!) We think, “if I wear this color or accentuate that curve, he’s mine.” The irony is that we are often most appreciated in our not-trying-so-hard state. I used to think heels were key in getting male compliments. In reality, I’ve received just as many when wearing sneakers. That’s the beauty of natural beauty.

So, is beauty ever bad? Well, technically no. However, the idea of beauty can become bad if its vision is homogenous. Some time ago I had to phase out the “what was he/she thinking with that outfit” reactions to what was not part of my norm. Now I’ve learned to embrace individuality and even be inspired by it. Unfortunately, there are many that have only one idea of “acceptable” hues, face shapes and hair textures. Yes, we all have our own preferences. But that’s all they should be – ours, not a median requirement.

If beauty can heavily impact your emotions, routines and lives, I would say it is one of the most powerful things we encounter. With that said, it must be approached with sensitivity and openness. In a perfect world, we would all walk with our very own barometers of beauty and they’d all read something different. Even better, they’d all be loved.

Be Beautiful,

Jeta is from from Coatesville, PA and studied Public Relations and Spanish at Temple University. She has been using dermHA for many years to compliment her natural beauty. Her interests include reading, writing, laughing and traveling. She is currently enjoying life as a Cultural Ambassador in Madrid, Spain.

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