Behind the Scenes at dermHA

Behind the Scenes at dermHA

Carletta Williams, co-owner of dermHA

How Carletta Stays Fabulous…

Carletta Williams, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, community leader and one of the co-owners of dermHA, has one, no excuses, beauty rule: wash your face before you go to bed. Carletta remarks, “when I started washing my face before going to bed, that really made a difference in my skin. I can tell that extra step has helped my skin stay clearer, softer and supple.”

As a woman on the go, and one who is frequently in the public eye as the Director of Sales and Marketing for dermHA, maintaining a healthy glow starts from the inside with a healthy diet, vitamins and holistic health practices. Carletta’s commitment to her health and beauty gives her confidence and energy, and allows her to keep up with her active life and active family.

Carletta’s dermHA skin care regime includes:
rejuvenating cleanser, moisture creme plus, therapeutic creme, vitamin C, lactic acid exfoliating body gel and the enzyme mask.

Carletta shares her routine:

-I use the rejuvenating cleanser morning and night. I love the way it lathers and removes my makeup.

-After a shower I use the lactic acid body exfoliating gel to keep feet, heels, elbows and other hard to hydrate areas soft and exfoliated. It also helps keep ingrown hairs at bay from shaving. I follow with therapeutic creme because it contains arnica and calendula, two ingredients with great healing and soothing properties. The therapeutic creme is great for all over body moisture.

-I hydrate my skin morning and night with our moisture creme plus, it’s full of botanicals and anti-oxidants.

-I use vitamin C at night, it’s great for anti-aging.

-Once a week I use the enzyme mask to rejuvenate and exfoliate. It gives my skin a nice rosy glow and I feel good about taking that extra 10-15 minutes to pamper myself!

~Stay Beautiful!

For more information about dermHA skin care products or to order Carletta’s regimen, go to or call 877.933.7642. You can email Carletta directly for more information about her regimen or her healthy living regime at

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