Jana’s Journey…

Jana’s Journey…

My skin care challenges go back to my teen years. In high school I went to doctors and took medications and managed to get it somewhat under control. However, during college, my skin went haywire. I went to tons of doctors, had numerous medical grade skin peels, changed my diet, took medication and anything else people told me might help change the appearance of my skin. I keep my hair in my face as much as possible to block people from seeing my skin. I eventually even stop trying to put myself together, what did cute clothes and shoes matter, once people saw the pimples, bumps and discoloration of my face, I knew that would be all they saw. It really hurt my self-confidence and when my skin was at its worse, I retreated from the social world. Eventually my dermatologist put me on accutane for almost ten months, which finally cleared up the acne. However, I was still left with splotchy discoloration on my face and neck.

I had my acne under control for a while when I was introduced to dermHA and Millie, but I was still bothered by the discoloration that had not receeded. I tried all of the time to scrub off the dark marks, but it never worked. Millie gave me one on one attention, wanting to learn everything about my skin care routines, skin care needs and ultimate goals. She had such a thorough knowledge of skin health and skin care and was able to tell me what my skin needed to achieve my goals. After an extensive evaluation and treatment session with Millie, I made a conscious decision to ‘listen to Millie’ from then on because I knew that her knowledge and her desire to provide others with beautiful skin would help me achieve my skin care goal of clear, healthy skin. I had been to some of the best dermatologists in the country and never got the kind of personal attention that Millie gave me. The regimen and behavioral recommendations were specific to me, my history and my needs. Millie did a great job of explaining the whys of everything. She knew about products, not just her own, ingredients, skin care tools and everything connected to skin health and beauty.

I immediately noticed that my skin felt different. From the day I meet Millie, I made the commitment to wash my face every morning and every night and to use sunscreen and moisturizer. Now, I will not leave my home in the morning without using the dermHA HA Therapy Plus. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. I’ve been using it and the other products Millie recommended for six months and the discoloration is fading and my tone is even. I think I have a glow now and my skin looks healthy. I no longer feel that I have to put foundation on my face to be presentable, I can just put on my moisturizer to refresh and I feel ready to go!

Feeling beautiful,


Jana is a teacher, wife and mother and eats healthy and exercises to complete her healthy living goals. Jana is also the coordinator of the REVHS AVID program, an innovate education program that helps promote academic achievement and college readiness for low to moderate income families. Jana has won numerous awards for her work with AVID and is an incredible role model and community leader. For more information about the AVID model go to http://www.avid.org/

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