Have you heard?!! dermHA users share their stories and thanks…

Have you heard?!! dermHA users share their stories and thanks…

Have you tried dermHA yet?  We could tell you all the great reasons and potential results of using dermHA, but we think our customers say it best!  Keep reading to hear actual client thoughts and testimonials…and then ask yourself, ‘are you ready for the beauty of healthy, hydrated skin?’

“I absolutely love the handcream i won as part of my winnings!! It really makes my hands feel smooth and kissable, or so my husband says. Can’t wait to try the mask. thank you so much…love it!”

My name is Idris Coleman, I am 19 and I have used DermHA for about 3 weeks now. I love the products I have used over the whole period. After the first week I noticed a huge improvement in my skin. My skin had lightened considerably, and the really bad acne that I struggled with for years, had suddenly faded away to the lowest I ever seen since I’ve started getting acne as a early teen. I have completely stopped using all other face care products besides DermHA and have never been more pleased with my skin. I would recommend this to anyone, and hope the best to the DermHA family! Thank You so much! God Bless!

“Millie, I can already see my skin improving after one treatment… can’t wait for my next appt.!!! Also, I am totally LOVING the DermHA products…The enzyme mask is AMAZING!!! “
“I received 5 products about a week ago and I have to say..they are all nice but I ♥! the rejuvinating cleanser and the enzyme mask!”

“Your products & services are amazing!!!  See you in 2 weeks!”

” Enzyme Mask…hands down. I sleep in it. I clean the house in it. Sometimes I forget it’s on and have gone to the store in it. I don’t even care….you get BRAND NEW SKIN AFTERWARDS that’s complimented by EVERYONE!”
“I had a great time meeting all of the women in attendance and learning of your fabulous company and product line. I have to share with you that your Lip butter has already made a huge impact. My son’s lips were so severly chapped the skin ...was hard, cracking, and peeling. When I got home I applied your lip butter that night and saw an improvement by morning! I applied it again during the day and at bedtime and two short days later his lips are back to being soft and moisterized. No more hardness, cracks or peeling. I can’t tell you how many lip balms we have been through in an effort to keep his lips healthy and your lip butter was the only product that was not only successful in reconditioning his lips but also has lasting results. Thank you!”

Are your lips kissably soft? Stay tuned for a limited release of our dermHA lip butter recommended by Rebecca at our e-store… http://dermha.bigcartel.com/

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