One Man’s Shaving Victory: Banishing Ingrown Hairs

One Man’s Shaving Victory: Banishing Ingrown Hairs

My name is KG and dermHA has changed the way I shave and view skin care forever. I have gone from hating to shave to looking forward to it because it gives me an additional opportunity to utilize one of my favorite dermHA products, which seems to make my skin smoother every time I use it.

I am 32 years old and most of my shaving life I have had tremendous battles with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. For several years I tried products like bump stopper products and like most African-American males that I know, I still found myself plagued by razor bumps and ingrown hair. I also tried a product called Tend Skin, and I rotated between shaving with razors and with machines manufactured for shaving. I was told I was doing it wrong so I tried using a warm towel before I would shave, and I applied well known cleansers like Noxzema. I even tried very harsh exfoliating products which left my skin raw and feeling like an open wound. Everthing I tried ended with frustration. My relief eventually came when I was introduced to dermHA almost four years ago.

I first started using the dermHA cleansers and therapeutic creme, and I saw a tremendous decrease in the amount of razor bumps and ingrown hairs that shaving produced. Then I began using the product that I now simply cannot live without, the dermHA gentle exfoliating creme. Since I have been using it my battle with razor bumps and in-grown hairs is over. My in-grown hairs and razor bumps are now a thing of the past. Now, every day after shaving, I use the dermHA rejuvenating cleanser, then I apply the gentle exfoliating creme. After that dries, I apply the dermHA therapeutic creme, which also helps to prevent that dry, rough, and raw feeling that seemed to come with my irritated skin. I am convinced that the dermHA gentle exfoliating creme by itself is the ultimate “bump stopper”, but these three products in combination seem to have reversed the damage done to my skin before I found dermHA. It seems to have reversed the clock of my skin’s age…


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