For the Men: Tips for Handsome and Healthy Skin

For the Men: Tips for Handsome and Healthy Skin

With the advent of HD TV, its harder to hide breakouts or blemishes on the faces of male athletes, entertainers and actors. And with cell phones with cameras, facebook and other public forums for personal lives, everyone is in the spotlight. Previously, “quick and easy” was the mantra when it came to a man cleansing his skin…whatever he had in the shower would serve the purpose. However, in the past few years, the male cosmetic and skin care market has exploded.
Men have stepped up to the plate and admitted that they want smooth, blemish free and even-toned skin too. Men know that in today’s competitive job market, your appearance can play a crucial role in getting the job, the promotion..or the girl! Having clear, healthy looking skin will keep the attention on what you’re saying when you have to spend face time with your boss, a client, customer or a new friend.
Caring for your skin is smart. Healthy skin reflects the overall health of your body and it works to keep you protected from germs, bacteria and the environment. The sudden appearance of lesions or eruptions in the skin can signal problems with your health and should be investigated with your health care providers.
All skin functions the same, however the structure of a man’s skin differs in several ways from women’s skin. Because of the increase in androgens (male hormones), men have a thicker skin and they have more terminal hair (dark, course hair), especially on the face, back and chest. The oil and sweat glands on men are also more active and when you combine sweat, oil and hair in pores, you get congestion that can cause blemishes, ingrown hairs and rough, uneven skin. In our culture, men are typically outdoors more than women and protect their skin less from the sun, wind and cold. This increase exposure to sun, wind and cold can result in premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.
Healthy skin should be important to everyone, regardless of gender. Men, like women, can put their best face forward in just a few easy steps. Read on for some smart tips on maintaining healthy and handsome skin…
  • Cleanse your skin every morning AND night (for skin with ingrown hairs, use a cleanser with AHA’s and/or salicylic acid and try a drop of pure tea tree oil on infected pores)
  • Use a hydrating (water based) moisturizer daily to keep skin healthy and functioning properly
  • Choose products that are free of ingredients that could irritate the skin ie. fragrance, alcohol, lanolin, dye and propylene glycol
  • Use sunscreen every day with a minimum SPF 15
  • Wear a brimmed hat to protect face and ears in prolonged direct sunlight
  • Check your face and body regularly for any dar, scaly or irritated lesions that don’t heal

dermHA has many male clients who are faithful to the products. We have had great success with helping men with skin issues created by constant shaving and ingrown hairs. Call or email and we can put together a simple skin care routine to help you look your best. You can also order online at

Stay handsome!


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